By accepting these terms and conditions, you are providing authority for AT Energy UK to tender the corresponding supplies and are confirming you have this authority to do this. All quotations will expire at 3.30pm on the day of quoting, at which point they may have to be refreshed depending on market conditions. The suppliers quoted reserve the right to withdraw any offer prior to acceptance with no notice being given. FiT charges (Feed in Tariff) are billed as a separate entity by some suppliers and have been included in all costings (if applicable). Renewal Obligation Charges are included in the rates unless otherwise stated, if applicable. All quotations are exclusive of VAT and CCL / CCL equivalent (Climate Change Levy), if applicable.

All quotations are based on the information provided by you (the customer) and/or the current supplier. In the absence of such information, estimates may be used. AT Energy UK accepts no responsibility for inaccurate information being used and/or processed, it is your (the customers) responsibility to ensure the information quoted is correct at the point of acceptance. All costings are based on the consumption used in the previous year, where available. If the supply uses more or less kWhs, the contract cost will increase or decrease based on the consumption used. All quotations are based on AMR/Smart Meters not being installed at the site unless we have been advised otherwise. Should there be an AMR meter at the site, the offers may change.

AT Energy UK accepts no responsibility for any delay in transfer or any costs thereof.  All quotations are subject to a satisfactory credit check being carried out (on occasion this may be completed before quoting, depending on supplier) and are based on direct debit payment, unless otherwise stated. Any direct debit discount is based on the agreed payment method and should this be changed, the discount may be withdrawn. AT Energy UK may receive a fee/commission paid to us by the successful supplier for this supply, more information is available on request.

This quotation is for the use of the business quoted only. You are strictly prohibited from forwarding any quotation to a third party or supplier without the expressed permission of AT Energy UK.