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Founded over a decade ago, we are an established and industry respected energy broker and consultancy. We have successfully assisted thousands of businesses (from single site sweet shops to multi site manufacturing plants) reduce the cost of their electricity and gas costs through our well informed procurement processes.

What sets us aside from the competition is the service you will receive. Our team prides itself on getting to know exactly what you, the customer wants and sets about delivering it. The tendering and procurement of your energy supply is one of the most important factors when choosing us. Whilst being an Energy Brokerage for over a decade, we have built up a proven track record when it comes to securing the most competitive rates available for your businesses energy renewals.

Our skills are not limited to the procurement of your energy though as we will also apply our skills to the management of your energy accounts. You will receive a dedicated account manager who will be on hand to deal with any queries that may arise concerning your energy accounts. Whether these be billing issues, contract issues or metering issues, our trained energy advisors will always be able to
assist you, no matter how small or large the query is.

We do not believe in binding your business to us through exclusivity contracts. We are that confident that you will return and use our services renewal after renewal that there is no form of contractual obligation to us whatsoever. Your contract will always be with the energy supplier, as we believe it should be.



We are an independent energy broker and consultancy meaning we have no preferred supplier, our only allegiance is to you, the customer. We have the ability to source contracts from over 25 energy suppliers.

These will include the big six suppliers (British Gas, EDF Energy, Eon Energy, N Power, Scottish Power and SSE) but we do not limit our efforts there as we will also source contracts from suppliers such as Crown Gas & Power, Gazprom Energy, Dual Energy, Ovo Energy, Regent Gas to name but a few.

Our costs can be made up from one of two things. Either we will receive a flat fee from the successful supplier who wins your business or we will receive a commission based on the amount of energy you use. In both cases, the successful supplier(s) will pay us the fee/commission.

You will never receive an invoice or a bill from us for any of our services. If we are not successful in securing your supply with one of the suppliers we have tendered with, we receive no fee.

“We do not want to assist your business for one renewal, but every renewal“

The way we achieve this is to ensure your business secures the most competitive contract for the energy. Couple this with the exemplary account management services you will receive and we are positive that you will continue to use our services, renewal after renewal.